Second Presbyterian Church of Pittston

About Second Presbyterian

We. the congregation of the Second Presbyterian Church of Pittston, Pennsylvania understand our identity as a congregation having evolved from an Italian Mission Church and see our mission in light of the Biblical witness and the historic denominational confessions of faith.

We acknowledge our commitment to the church universal and to the calling for the whole people of God. We are also heirs of the reformed Presbyterian tradition.

Mindful of this rich spiritual heritage, we affirm the following:

  • We are a church that believes in the ministry of the word as revealed in the Holy Scriptures.
  • We are a church that believes in the practice of worship to God which liturgically and sacramentally expressed the mystery and beauty of God’s gracious presence.
  • We are a church that believes in a pastoral concern for one another in order to shelter, nurture and enliven our life together.
  • We are a church that believes in the reality that our ministry extends beyond congregational boundaries to the mission of the Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly.

The mission of the Second Presbyterian Church calls us to state further that our life must assume the character of servant hood modeled upon the example of our lord. As a servant people we must respond to human need both far and near.

As a church serving out Lord our mission includes the following:

  • We strive to make our church known in the community by serving the needs of the homeless, the poor, the elderly, the youth and all others who show need.
  • We strive to enhance our church program by developing unique ways to fellowship and avenues of service that provide members the opportunity to love and support one another.
  • We strive to get more participation and support in our ministry by developing both educational and stewardship programs to meet the needs of our congregation.
  • We strive to become a growing church by sharing faith in Christ as Lord and to lead others outside the church to accept Jesus Christ.

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